Stowing of Containers

Seaworthy and Professionally

On a 20,000 sq m large area of multifunctional warehouse we not only provide you with all conceivable storage services, but also with a fully-equipped packing station. That includes, of course, mobile ramps for fast loading and unloading of containers and trucks as well as fork-lift trucks with a lifting capacity of up to 15 tonnes. For containers and heavy goods of up to 40 tonnes total weight a container reach stacker is available. We transport sensitive goods of up to 5 tonnes directly from the delivery vehicle to the designated storage place in the shed by means of our ceiling crane.

By using qualified and trained personnel we guarantee that containers are loaded professionally. A detailed stowage plan distinguishes between completely different cargo and takes the following factors into account: weight and space distribution, transport stress during the journey as well as climatic characteristics and professional securing of the goods to be conveyed.

We naturally take care of shifting empty containers and delivering them after they have been loaded according to your specifications.

Stowing and securing your goods professionally is our responsibility. Constantly.